Church Planting – Our Call to Multiply

The POA wants to be intentional about planting churches. Rev. Dr. Roger Woodworth, the church planting coordinator for the Church Development Committee, spoke to this at our 11th Stated Meeting. Not every church in our presbytery will be able to plant a church, but every church in our presbytery can play a part in planting a church. Roger presented 3 ways that a church can be involved in church planting:

  • Patron – offering prayer and financial support
  • Partner – joining with a few other churches to jointly plant a church, perhaps through the developing ministry networks
  • Planter – a church would develop a mother/daughter relationship to plant a church

In all three cases, the presbytery will provide its support in fostering good church planting practices. We plan to discuss church planting and highlight opportunities at all of our upcoming presbytery meetings. Be in prayer about how your church can be involved.
We encourage you to listen to a short video from Rev. Dr. Tim Keller (click here) on the need for every church to be involved in church planting.

Church Planting Partnership with Trinity School for Ministry

This new initiative is for the training and equipping of church planters and for heightening awareness within our member churches of the biblical grounds and missional importance of church planting.

October 2018 - Church Planting Exploration
Three sessions on a Friday night and Saturday, open to Pastors, Students, Elders, and other church leaders, encouraging churches to either be a parent, partner or patron of church planting.

January 2019 - Mission and Evangelism in Church Planting
A one week, 10-session intensive class for those seriously discerning church planting.
(We would require someone to attend an approved Assessment Center before taking the following intensive but exceptions may be allowed based on scheduling etc.)

June 2019 (June Term) Church Planting Intensive
A one week, 10-session class, serving as the final preparation for being sent to the mission field of church planting. Formerly referred to as 'church planting boot camp', the bulk of this intensive would be from the existing course ?Models and Mission in Church planting? along with the best of other trainings such as Global Church Advancement.

Final details are still TBD, but to learn how you can participate in this partnership, either as a prospective church planter or a POA congregation considering investing in church planting, contact Marc de Jeu (POA Church Plant Team Facilitator) at